Siyasebenza Siyabonga provides supply chain services to clients, being inbound and outbound, supply chain structuring and design..

Trusted Delivery Service

Siyasebenza Siyabonga has its main focus in providing national distribution for clients. Operations have been expanded to handle all freight being full loads, break bulk or our specialty being distribution volumes or express freight.

Service Options

We Provide customized service offering and value added services based on specific contract requirements, or we supply our standard service offering to all other clients based on our normal operating infrastructure

Why Choose Us

Relationship and Integrity

We aim to build lasting relationships based on integrity with our clients in years to come.

We Are Professional

We aim to provide the highers possible service to our clients based on their specific requirements

Sustainability in Service

We aim to uplift unemployed people and train them as professional drivers to ensure that we have and maintain high level drivers for future growth.

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CO2 Emissions

We endevour to reduce our CO2 footprint by the way we operate and also provide our clients with their footprint based on their proportionate direct contribution from ours.

Transport and Distribution Service

Fast and reliable transport service based on a National footprint.

Fast Delivery

Improving systems to assist in fast and efficient service delivery.

Secured Service

We are updating our systems to provide electronic POD via secure hyperlink on bank secure system.

Vehicle Servicing

We aim to maintain our vehicles in-house based on a properly managed service schedule to manufacturers specifications.

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